Lie to us Lana...

You may remember my post and drawing of Lana Del Rey. It seems she's really exploded since then, and my opinion's kinda changed. I still like her album, and really like video games...but her persona is pretty interesting to me. Have a look at my scribbling for The Real Runway, on the subject. I've had a lot of feedback on it actually. I love it when I write something and friends bring it up with me over a G&T on the weekend, piping up with their two cents, its what a good article should inspire I reckon. Anywho. Have a read. Happy Monday. x

I heard that you like the bad girls, honey is that true?

I'm not the only one addicted to Lana Del Rey, she's everywhere atm, and she actually totally deserves to be. She's gorge and her voice is to die. I drew this a few weeks ago with proper pencils and n00b colouring in pencils. It was nice to do some drawing; I've been focussing on being a business lady and getting NKOYO off the ground, which is super fun. 'Like' it on facebook here. Then listen to lana.