I am very happy to confirm that NKOYO scarves and prints are now available in Hackney Wick's Stour Space's new project; SHOP. Featuring lots of amazing artists, designers and makers, NKOYO is in good company. Showcasing talent from London’s East End, Hackney Wick and beyond, SHOP stocks exclusive one-off pieces. This includes furniture, jewellery, sculpture, photography, art, books and more. SHOP also houses a wide range of art materials courtesy of The Wick Art Store.



photo 1(2)Pop by and have a look!

Lemony Fresh and Tropical Fish

Feeling Square eyed from a day of updating my NKOYO website with beautiful new images of two new scarves and existing designs and subsequently spamming every internet outlet at my disposal to tell everyone about it. Before I retreat from the computer screen I thought I'd share them on here too. I've made two new 'summer' designs, one's under the sea, and one's citrus fruit. The photographer is Alma Haser and the model is Sylvie Macmillan. They're both badass chicks.


Photography:  Alma Haser

Art Direction: Alice Nyong

Model: Sylvie Macmillan

Blog and Buy Sale...The Power of ♡

I am part of a cool fing this month, Its called Blog and Buy Sale. Run by James & Josephine, BlogAndBuySale was launched to help support and showcase the very best creative sellers from around the world. Intended to promote artists and designers who sell their work on the internet, BlogAndBuySale is all about helping up and coming talent looking to get noticed and make some real cash to boot. There are so many brilliant things getting sold by independent artists and designers, but the problem is the public doesn’t always stumble upon them.

Cool Right?! So I have a 'stall' For February (The month of lurve) featuring my scarves and other goodies with NKOYO.  Check it out here. They also count the amount of 'shares' via facebook of twitter and the person with the most gets a shiney prize at the end of the month, so if you're so inclined hit one of the links on the side.

I have a facebook and twitter for NKOYO check em here xx



Hey so you know how I said I was starting my own label. Called NKOYO? yeah well you can buy some of it now! I have a little bigcartel site up and running to sell my wears and have a gander at what I've been doing...

The collection is unisex, with long and square scarves, all made from designs hand-drawn by ME! Nkoyo is my middle name, a word in Ibibio language (Southern Nigeria if you don't know your West African regional dialects) meaning 'Beautiful One'. I'm in the process of making a more all-encompassing website...

But for now, do check it out, and buy one! I'm actually super proud of them.

Any questions about them holla at yo girl  xxxx