Harrods Sweet Street

I’m excited to share a project I worked on with one of my great clients Harrods. The team recently launched the Sweet Street area on the fourth floor of their inimitable Knightsbridge store, and wanted to make the entrance from one side have impact.


SWWEETS2 copy.jpg

I was asked to create a piece of wall art for this; which would give a good teaser to the sweet shop space, but also be tasteful and in keeping with the wider store area.

The project was a new challenge for me; when you get used to being commissioned for similar types of project, you can run the risk of getting too comfortable with the relatively small remit of work that you do. With this in mid it was so nice to be trusted by Harrods for the project.  It also felt good to push myself out of my self imposed comfort zone and do something that felt at times scary and daunting, but also great, to rely on and be confident in my own ability.



For the design I wanted to create something quite free and playful; picking up the existing colours in the pop up, and incorporating a sense of movement. The process from my initial drawings to installing the illustration into the space was pretty quick, and it was a cool learning experience to see the attention to detail and work that goes into a massive store like Harrods, to keep it looking beautiful and to such a high standard all the time.


Excuse my night time iphone photographs! The wall art is in Harrods now, so go and treat yourself to a colourful sweet treat and have a look.

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