I've been drawing lots of birthday cards, both for my own friends and for people who commission me. I feel like the approach you can take for someone on their birthday ranges loads, and it's great to experiement. At the top, I painted a cake for my mum, which I was super happy with. If you like cake themed offerings, visit my etsy and check out my TROPICAL CAKE CARD  

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 13.33.15.pngScreen Shot 2016-05-05 at 13.32.26

Above is a card for my friend Jessica Skye, one of my favourite yogis, DJ and all round super woman. Below is a card I was commissioned to make for a birthday. Love the animated faces.

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 13.32.41

Blueberry Hill...

blueberryhill I made my Dad a birthday card featuring lyrics from the song blueberry hill. It was written in 1940 and recorded by what seems like all of the people, but we like the Louis Armstrong version. It's so gorgeous.  I remembered it because I listened to his remastered desert island discs the other day and it featured his own version of the song, and my dad and I were singing along to it and it really stuck in both of our heads. My dad is going to learn in on the guitar, as he's a budding musician and all round chiller.

The type is painted in indian ink with watercolour blueberries. I definitely want to experiment with more hand-drawn type.

Listen to Louis' desert island discs here, and below is the song. Happy Birthday to my dearest dad.



Below are some birthday cards made for friends Hannah and Sadie... Both done in pencils, pen and water colour. Totally tropical. HANNAH CARD SADIE CARDAlthough I haven't been posting my drawings on here, I beaver away making lots and lots as an in-house illustrator for a fun agency. Birthday cards are a fun way to share my own drawings with my pals, but I'm considering having some designs printed and putting them on sale. Watch this space as my plan develops, and I plan to post more drawings here soon. x