Silk and Sawdust

A few months ago I was commissioned to produce a set of illustrations for a gorgeous vintage inspired label called Silk and Sawdust. It's crazy it's taken me this long to post about it, as I'm really proud of it. I worked closely with the designer Claudia, to show her collection of beautiful dresses being worn on models whose aesthetics were inspired by the aesthetic of particular eras. Claudia's reference imagery was really beautiful, as were the clothes I was depicting so it was a super fun project to work on. Below are the final images that have been used on the website, lookbook and promotional postcards for the collection. They are done using pencil and watercolours. frontcover30's anyong_silk&sawdust back_cover bracelets_right final_leftgirl_flowersnewsixtys_lips Take a look at the website to see them in