My friend Sean Frank started a very cool venture back in October, and I still haven't got round to writing about it. Along with Margot Bowman and Jolyon Varley, Sean is collating some amazing artists of lots of genres to make gifs following on from idea to idea; the site is called 15 Folds. "Every month we invite 15 outstanding creatives to make original GIFs in response to one another. Each contributor will base theirs on the GIF before, much like Chinese Whispers. View the thread & make a GIF in response to your favourites."

In October I was lucky enough to be asked to make my own! I was given the phrase 'idea flicker' and 24 hours to create something. I came up with my gif; a glimmer of hope.

Take a look at it HERE



A really cool thing about the site is that any gifs you like, you can create a response to, so artists: get involved!