2012 vibrations

me Cheese on toast...(again) here are my highlights of 2012. It's been fab.precious4

NKOYO. And the beautiful Sylvie Macmillan. Both grown and flourished in 2012. 564209_787823555348_1358088646_n

Lazy oaf. I came and went, and met my girls, Dee, Zoe and Steph. 467215_3512607546486_912003765_o

RJ moved to London. alice-nyong-143192_0x44075671_10152118544660335_162903669_nand he accompanied me to the funnest #fashion week I've had yet. 598418_10152344350090335_55310268_nShaney.Screen shot 2012-11-19 at 19.31.39I kept drawing...And some people noticed...BLAM.227095_10152342306035335_502515343_n 251849_10152018516715457_1062663492_nStandon calling in the mist...561231_10151950063250335_353441953_nCrete in the sunshine.531244_10151950078095335_74925480_nMy beautiful friends. Thanks to the very talented Richard, this photograph made it's mark.

578905_4089059597800_248678969_nSadie. 616261_4171787545947_865323900_ophoto (9)Hannah Berry, Lucy Aebischer. Galdem. 480821_10152062837910335_1911859136_n This love will never die. Pin Pin.293999_10152377671970335_979345782_nDarling Dee.65179_581948101848_602998361_nHelen and her Snowy Owl scarf. Drawing, painting, designing.

Plus Dom, Gary, Matt, John and Millie and everyone else who's camera shy. I'm so excited for 2013...I head to Berlin in under a month and am continuing my quest to live a glamourous lyf. Happy 2013. Peace. ✌ ♡ 309369_10152387792575335_1151360795_n