I have been doing a lot of print design at the moment, which I'm really enjoying. Both in designing new winter scarves for NKOYO and freelancing.   Alongside this I am getting the chance to do more and more illustration work, which is super duper. In particular an old friend asked me to do some illustrations for a new business venture of hers. She's designing and making a range of homeware and wanted some fashion illustrations to go on the website, with a narrative running through it. Revolving around a seductive male female power-struggle. Above is a preliminary sketch I did for the project. I channelled one of my favourite programmes; Madmen, and was inspired by one of my favourite characters; Betty Draper/Price. January Jones (best name ever ever) is almost like an animated fashion illustration; luminous, cray and beautiful all at once. Love it. I look forward to showing off the final drawings when the site is up and running.