The Queen of Rainbows

Believe it or not judging on my recent posts, I am not actually a writer by trade, more by nature. But My recent dabbles into writing have actually been liberating, fun and have received positive feedback. I have a count of four ice queens (and kings) that I have melted to tears with my last post about beloved Amy Winehouse, and they're the ones that'll admit it to me. Also I was told today that my piece on the brilliant and staunchly hard working Fred Butler for The Real Runway was selected as MTV playground's blog of the week. In the words of my gorgeous Gary/Dina Manzo "Go mama!".

To remind you all that I actually can draw pictures, here's my impression of Fred's iconic telephone hat I made for Shane's birthday over a year ago.

I'd like to think I'm even better now. lolz...

Read it the piece HERE

Ciao for Now x