More Shows

Instead of nursing my pulsating head on Saturday morning I did something way more enjoyable and satisfying, and had a little gander at some more degree shows. My friend Lauren has just finished Fine art painting at Wimbeldon, so I hopped down there first, and saw lots of lovely fings. Prepare for awful Blackberry photographs... and my photoshop is also playing up. COOL. Wimbeldon

Lauren Rogers Martin, one of my oldest friends showed three super textured fun paintings, exploring the nature of female sexuality. I liked the use of large lace stencils and fun texture to almost poke fun and playfully examine the female. Girl done good.

Darius Lambert showed really lovely still lives that caught my eye

Katina Mavrommatis's mushroom paintings were really lovely


Then I popped into Central Saint martin's Graphics show, on Shoreditch high street.

Carla Valdivia's work caught my eye, all very fifi and Lola, she experiments with neon colours.

One of my favourites was Lauren Michelle Pires I'm always jealous of a designer that can make clothes haha (see Shane) and I really loved her hand-me-down concept, that was touching but not twee. Beautiful colours and execution as well.

Classic I can't remember. But I WANT that t-shirt. as always. let me know if you know who did this its mayj, and I would like to credit them. ✌

Anyway. I expected CSM to impress, but it really did exceed expectations. Go See it. Shoreditch High street Bishopsgate. PEACE.