Obviously tis the season to be showing off. And I have seen only a small scattering of what the new fresh graduates have to offer and I guess I've bee pretty slow to share it. SOZZA I'M A BUZI WERQUEIN LAYDEE. Anyway. I did go and check out the offerings at Grduate fashion week on the 7th June. I was given tickets to Liverpool John Moores show and got the chance to look around. My photographs are absolutely diabolical, and my notes taking was minimal, so my favourite piece, which was this tent at the entrance (really original in the swathes of textile design) remains uncreditted. if you were there too let me know who made it!

In Liverpool, Ashwaqul Kabir's Meadham Kirchoff esque collection stood out the most for me, Liverpool showed lots of beading, structure and embellishments. quite fitting I felt :)


Last week I also made the journey with my husband and crewdem back to our old stomping ground of Bath, to see the degree show there. Its been a year. weird.

Because old habits die hard and I was too busy gossiping with Shane and drinking the free pimms I got ZERO photographs. But the person whose work stood out for me was darling dearest Lloyd Parker. Below is a shitty picture of his work in their publication, but really it was a beautiful little book proving he's set to be a real craftsman in the world of graphic design and that hes done some hard graft this year. His websites giving me some jip, so email him should you so require beaut graphics

The graphics department had a checkout vibe goin on. All the work was up for sale and the publication (better than ours im not bitter) was like lots of receipts. Its a bit crumpled. It danced around in my backpack as we attended a very un-Bath like house party and me and shane retired to our Poirot-esque serial killer hotel room.

Well done Lloyd and everyone. BRAVO. Now time for life, in which I'm certain you will all succeed. ☮