woah oh oh oh oh I'm in love with Judas

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wagn8Wrmzuc&w=640&h=390] By now anyone that regularly reads my blog must be totally sick of hearing me bleating on about gaga. But allow me this, because this morning I watched JUDAS. Its gaga's second single off her new album, and I've been doing some serious hatin', much to Shane's dislike. We are two very different type of fans, and I'm sure he won't mind me saying this. He's the fan who will love it whatever. Hes been proven that shes mayj, and whatever she puts out must be mayj because its her. I'm the cynic. I loved her from about the time of paparazzi because she proved herself to me. She kept on delivering until what I consider to be the musical and visual flop of born this way. As I picked it apart- the stupid cheesey lyrics, the weird half naked dancing in the video and the obvious Madonna references Shane remained staunch for it being genius. Then came the album artwork that does actually look 'retarded' to use gaga's own choice word. Now, as I was so hoping, shes turned it all around.

I really feel that a Lady Gaga video should give me richness in visuals that we see from no one else in pop at the moment. A narrative played out with dedication to a look and theme, and theatricalness that is executed with such committment to the overall aesthetic and feeling, you want to watch it again and again, to catch little things you've missed. Judas does that. Its Romeo and Juliet meets 'telephone' meets 'bad romance' meets BADASS.

The warmth of the colours and the atmosphere in it is the best gaga's ever been, and the way she addresses the obvious biblical references are funny and clever.

She's back, even if you thought she didn't go anywhere.