Today in my brain dead aftermath of the Bank holiday (it is only Sunday...yes I am frail) I took the opportunity to watch Frida (2002) the DVD that Ruaidhri leant me ages ago. It was really good, not what I expected, and totally evokes the aesthetic, richness and sexuality that has made Frida Kahlo one of my favourite painters of all time. I don't think Salma Hayek ever gets enough credit; shes staggeringly beautiful, voluptuous and layered, and her performance as Kahlo is amazing. She really portrays the physical pain Kahlo goes through her whole life dogged by an accident in early life, that I tend to forget. Kahlo's life is so interesting and painful and is reflected in her art amazingly, if you don't know her GET TO KNOW. Same with her on off hubby Diego Rivera. He's worth a google too.