Fings Wot Are Happenin'

Big Tings a gwarn at the moment. So I've got lots to blab about. I am officially an annoying presenter, for '' a new online fashion community, that lets you in on all things fashion and fun. The First episode was out today, and I urge you all to 'like' it on face-ass. I would really like it to be a success, and there is good stuff there. Watch the first episode below.


In other news I continue to party on a school night, and last night was no different, as I attended the launch of Wonderland magazine's spring summer fashion issue with my friend Sean. I got the pink cover. "cos im a girl, and thats what we do." But they are actually all mayj. I particularly like their Italian feature. Gotta love a bit of Missoni.

I'm once again going buck wild for gaga. Not as yet convinced by born this way as a song, but the cover is simply DIVINE. Really painterly and I love the deep blacks. Also the photos for her recent vogue feature are amazing too. Not crazy about the cover, an I think the feathery Alexander McQueen kinda drowns her, but the bottom image is stunning. It reminds me of a painting I used to love as a child, of a woman in a purple dress under like a canopy of flowers. But I obvz can't find the artist or an image anywhere. But I will!

I am heading to Bristol to style Ruiadhri Ryan in Beige Banquet this weekend in conjunction with his DIVA project, so keep an eye on the BB blog for deets. I am also starting a series of portraits, all very different to the above stuff, so I will keep you posted on that.

Happy Friday! xx