Today on my day off I made a visit to the National Portrait Gallery in London, which is one of my favourite spaces in the capital. I used to visit on the weekends with my mum and brother, and used to love a mosaic portrait/ sculpture of Zandra Rhodes. I tried to find an image of it, and couldn't find one for love nor money...anyone who knows what I'm talking about holla at yo girl, its drivin' me crazy! Anyway. Today I was mostly intrigued to visit for Michael Landy's drawings, I was looking forward to seeing them, and they didn't disappoint. The line work was really amazing, and the artists addition let in funny personal details on each portrait. Its really encouraged me to draw some faces. stay tuned.


The other stand-out thing in the gallery was this piece by Tim Noble and Sue Webster of Isabella Blow. I'm reading 'Blow by Blow' right now, so it was cool to see this portrait; its so tactile and textural. It said it was the only portrait Blow ever approved, and its so breathtaking I understand. Its made of taxidermi rats and birds, interspersed with crystals, and even one of her lipsticks, and the light reflected on it shows her profile. MAYJ.

I heart NPG. x