Berlin two thousand and swag!

This weekend I went to Berlin. It was ah-mazing. After finishing my 6 month stint at Alexander McQueen, and waiting for my new positions (news soon!) to start, I was at a loose end, and working in retail/ waiting around aint no fun. So I sacked off real life, and Ruaidhri Ryan helped me! Some of his videos were featured in 'British Shorts'. A film festival taking place in Berlin, and we stayed with friends and explored the city and enjoyed the film festival.

Ruaidhri's work was shown in 'Sputnik kino', which was a really cool place (definite recommendation if you ever visit the city). On the Saturday night, he gave a Q&A about his work and the films on show.

Sputnik kino projection room.

One of the BEST bits of the weekend! Ruaidhri's picture was in the paper in Berlin!

Apart from cinema stuff, we did a lot of wandering around with our friends; the flea market was great on Sunday. Got this snap over the marquees...

Cool trousers...

We went to Hamburger Bahnhof on the Saturday daytime, and its such a beautiful building. The art wasn't really to my taste, but its worth the visit for what the building is like. The light was AMAZING when we came out, just as it was getting dark.


It was the most fun weekend and I can't wait to go back!