I have been seriously lacking in blogging, but as I'm sure my fellow graduates will testify the process of leaving university and starting to formulate a new routine and way of working (especially in London) is proving to be a harder process than any dissertation.  I'm really lucky to have my internship with the ever amazing Alexander McQueen, who showed in their most recent collection and stunning show in Paris that the company is still something really special and representative of true artfulness and beauty. I am also delving into other aspects of fashion, assisting the brilliant Matthew Josephs, which is teaching me loads about the styling process. There are also plans for further Beige Banquet work, with both banqueters under the same roof, which is a promising start. Any how I digress. A month ago I and a very large proportion of my friends took a break from our stressful lives to indulge in some good old fashioned hedonism, in the form of Bestival 2010. Here are some of the few pictures I took.