I have just watched the amazing Tom Ford's 'A single man' on DVD, and it was truly beautiful, I couldn't resist posting a few words about it. The use of colour; intrinsic in the sense that it documents Colin Firth's character's state of mind, is so so beautiful and really makes the film a joy to watch. The music was haunting and addictive, I feel like its still ringing in my ears. I am a sucker for all things 60s in film and literature (as you can see from my revolutionary road work) the interiors, the costume and the constant flow of cocktails and haze of cigarette smoke are divine. This film was a real gem for me. I have long thought Colin Firth would remain in the somewhat hazy genre of the doddering English handsome one in a rom-com, but I was happy to see that I was deeply mistaken.

Nicolas Hoult really came into himself, and I'm sure it was not only down to Tom Ford's beautiful shooting of him that he looked really rather attractive. Julianne Moore is a favourite of mine and her character really gave a sting for me personally, her radiant, near translucent screen presence touched with real tragedy, that was actually marvellous. Its a classic, everybody buy it.