Bye Bye Bath

I have been awfully slack with blogging, due to the complete and utter faff that is moving cities. I am once again a Londoner, having moved back to the smoke, and away from beautiful Bath. Before I bang on about that, I will aim to delight your eyes with some snaps of my Bath Degree show. Apologies for the over exposure of my own mug, but it was my mother/biggest fan in charge of documentation. The space worked out really well, and once I donned my eye-catching gear and sipped a pimms it was a super fun evening. (Note my beloved poo brooch, by Daniel Welsh- an emerging accessory designer to watch)

I was in brilliant company on the wall, next to darling dearest Shane Wilson's dandy inspired styled photographs, and Tom Ling's AMAZING and intricate acrylic paintings.

I have now left number 20 (pictured below) and although things are taking time to adjust, I am enjoying being a Londoner again, and soon to be residing with my beige counterpart. Well done to everyone who's been involved with all of the exhibitions; our ephemeral show, 97 miles west, and 18 percent Grey were all triumphs. In the mean time I will be a regular blogger again, stick with me for London fun!