Done and done.

...well sort of. On the 26th of May I, along with the rest of my year handed in my work for my degree. Hoping to prove that after three years I can be trusted as an adult. In celebration the Beige Banquet team (me and Shane) embarked on a swell trip to first to London and then Brighton, basking in the sun and celebrating our hand in...

We are back to reality now, and are busy making work for exhibitions in Bristol and London, plus beginning our plans for world-beige-domination, beginning in a move to London.

Other things that have caught my eye are the lovely Catherine's new website. Her portraits of Danny keep getting better and better. I also watched Ponyo with Shane last night and I really loved it. Studio ghibli films are not something I've ever made the effort to get into, but now may be the time... I am rambling.

Anywho the degree show private view is on Friday at Sion Hill campus. It promises to be a fun occasion, and there is some truly excellent work on display. Come along and listen to some reggae delights from dom owen's sound system, and sip on some pimms served by some lovely current students. Its a weird and exciting time.

Hope to see you Friday x