Beige Birthday

It was darling Dearest Shane's birthday on Thursday. So obviously that meant an excuse for an OTT gaga fan art birthday card. Here is the specimen below- 'telephone' video themed. If you don't know the video it is a 9 minute epic that is well worth a watch.


And as we are Beige Banqueters I had to make a suitably themed cake. Its a potato smiley!! inside was rainbow...I don't have any pics but it sure was vibrant! it was pretty overcooked though...for proper yummy rainbow cakes see Fifi and Lola. they know rainbow cakes.

Obviously we celebrated in true Beige style. Doubly as our video was finished. We had an actual beige banquet, inflicting beige goodies on our friends. they are all converts.

Becky enjoying a waffle. It was like heaven from the moment she stepped in the door.

Happy Birthday to my Beige Spouse. xxx