I am very aware that I have been rather lacking in the old blogging department of late. I tentatively assure you that this is not due to lack of activity. I will aim to give a run down of my latest endeavors.Last week was 'Purple Haze' exhibition, organized and curated by Danielle Lovett and Dom Owen (both on my links list) I must say it was nothing less than a right rollicking laugh. I was alongside 9 other artists, whose work was all of a brilliant standard. As well as exhibiting four water colour paintings about hair styles o the 70's era, I also made a batch of ink painted business cards in purple (teamed with the theme). They could be collected free at the exhibition, every 'A' is different.

at the private view little publications were available, as well as original prints and artworks from a stall. The punch was delish and the music was played on cassette.

Here are the four a2 watercolour paintings I exhibited, showing four popular hairstyles influenced by the 70s era. I particularly enjoyed the type for these, specific to the era.

Today Shane and I finished a two week brief for advertising consultancy company 'Eat Big Fish' under our collaborative name of beige banquet. This leaves us free to complete our ongoing project, begin our lead-up to our final degree piece and develop a website, which is planned to be online soon. In my solo work, I have started a new project looking at social prejudices rooted in the African-Caribbean community. It is in it's early stages, and as I head off for a short Easter break to Paris, I am preparing to turn a corner into the final straight of my degree. eesh.