Work, Play and Monsters

So I have been up to quite a lot of fun things, so thought I'd give a long(ish) rant and explain... On Friday I was lucky enough to see the AMAZING lady gaga at the 02, with some dear friends. Shane and I created Beige Banquet original pieces to wear for the first lady of beige, and along with darling dearest Becky Noy met up with Catherine Scrivener, Fay McCloskey and Sam Frances. Catherine captured all of the monsters in this sweet polaroid...

(photograph- Catherine Scrivener)
Gaga herself was so so good. If your not a fan of the music you can surely appreciate how 15 costume changes, sparklers, fire, acrobatics, numerous appearances from the floor and a huge moving monster would appeal to 6 arty-farty show offs! we're her biggest fans.

I have also been continueing work for the exhibition on the 70s decade, going up in two weeks or so. Here are some pages from my sketchbook for hand-rendered type that will feature alongside the drawn, or perhaps painted imagery of hair.

And finally, what has been taking up a large, but worthwhile proportion of my time is my Beige Banquet collaborative work with Shane Wilson. We have begun filming our video, and are starting ideas for our next project- a collection.

Thoughts become things, and we've only just started thinking. x