A Bad Romance

So it is February the 14th, Time to be with the one you love. Aww. I am not partaking in the traditional practice of flower giving, chocolate eating or declarations of the romantic variety, but that is no reason to be bitter. I like making cards. There are a lot of people and things that I love. Lady Gaga is one of them. Below is my valentines day declaration to all. I have often thought there is not enough blood on valentines cards.

It is made using inks; my new favourite medium. The Front (top) is in reference to Gaga's performance at the mtv vma awards. (Its worth a watch on youtube even if your not a fan!) And the text (as you should all know) is a lyric from 'Bad Romance'. Although I send love and affection to everyone this happy day, the card will be going to Shane Wilson- my fellow monster. HAPPY LOVE DAY xx