'Making Waves' Finished illustration

So this is it. The final done and dusted double page spread illustration that will run alongside the story 'The New girl' by Titania Krimpas in a book of stories for young people from graduating MA students from Bath. As is clear if you compare this to the roughs, I have really worked into the background of the girl (named Anya in the story) to accentuate the differences between the young woman's familiar environment of her native Ukraine and London; where she moves to in the story. I originally drew her dark haired, so when drawing her blonde I lost a lot of the darkness of the original, which was something I felt really worked with the narrative. I compensated for this in the background. I'm pleased with the outcome, and hope that Titania will be too. It has probably been one of the most fitting briefs to my way of working from my whole degree (a sweeping statement I know!). The narrative aspect really allows me to push my work, and the sinister elements to the story really appeals to me. Happy and sad that its done!