Dissertation is doing me in. It's due in on Friday, and I just want it to be over. Writing it has sucked all interest for my subject away, and those last little adjustments seem to be the worst part. So I have decided to blog something that I am vaguely happy with. This is my first response to a brief to produce a double page spread to feature alongside a story for young people that will be published along with twelve others in a book called 'making waves'. Today I met the author of my story, and she was really nice, and gave me some adjustments to this first idea.(for starters the girl character at the forefront has to be blonde! haha!) The story follows Anya, a teenager whose move from the Ukraine to London proves eventful and life changing. I'm quite enjoying this brief, and the above idea came together super quickly. Its the kind of brief I love to receive, as narrative runs so strongly through my work. The final will be finished mid- January, so this is a taster of what is to the meantime, bring on Friday.