girls girls girls busy busy busy

so many things are happening, I feel the need for a ramble! Everybody around me is being really productive, and some excellent things are happening as a result! Most exciting of all for me is the first exhibition of my organising and curating is fast approaching! I'm now in a great position to give deets, and say just how brilliant I think it's going to be! As you can (hopefully) see from the poster above, it features nine FEMALE artists. These are all girls whose work I have seen, and loved, and in some cases have worked with, and know that their talents are worthwhile showcasing. The girls are...

EMMA MORRIS, a brilliant illustrator LUCY AEBISCHER if you've seen my blog before you'll have seen how much this image maker's ideas have sprung to life, and brought fun and colour to preceedings! GABRIELLE MANIVIT, a wonderful tailor and textile artist HOLLY GISSELLE HILDEN, again a real inspiration, she's a knitwear designer whose empire is taking off in a big way, with Lola's Vintage wardrobe (check it out!) KATIE BOCCACCINI-MEADOWS, who makes beautiful ceramics ESTHER MCMANUS, another talented illustrator LAURIE LAX, a really wonderful fine artist CALICO MELTON, a great illustrator and me!...phew!

Everybody who can, come and see it! there will be a stall, selling prints, zines, books, jewellery, cakes and more! It is at 'Bath Artist's Studios', behind comfortable place, upper Bristol road. from the 7th-11th December. The private view is on the 8th 6-9pm, then everone can go to Honky Tonk at the porter, for more fun! It will not dissappoint!!

As well as this, I've started some collaborative work with my dear friend, and very talented Shane Wilson (he's made his blog look real nice recently...check him out!) The piece is top secret, which is proving in tself to be very fun, amongst our group of friends! It will most likely be a motion piece, and feature as part of Daniel Welsh's new venture...coming in the new year. It promises to be very exciting, Daniel's got an great eye, and I'm excited to be a part of his plans...

Alongside dissertation (don't ask) I am keeping very busy! also continue to update Charity Shop peacock, and drawing drawing drawing! There are fun things to come... over and out!