sixties, glitter and cake for you, lucy turns twenty two!

It was darling dearest Lucy Aebischer's birfday earlier this month, before I got caught up in the hoopla of Glastonbury, when fings were lovely and mud and sunburn did not blight my existence. I made the picture above for her, to celebrate her turning the lovely even number of twenty two. It features myself, Lucy Aebischer and Holly Hilden. check their stuff out!
Jason and Holly also made this fabulous cake for the birfday girl. which we all chomped down on and promptly vibrated around the room on sugar highs playing pass the parcel and other such fun...

Lucy also had the fabulous idea of having a 60's themed party, in the style of the film 'A boat that rocked'. We all donned our psychadelic fabrics, fluffed up our beehives and did the hippy hippy shakes till dawn. Yet again Lucy's fun filled ideas lead to colour, fun and laughter for all.